Sell your Referrals in the Market via Packages

The Referral Market is a place where members can buy/sell referrals to get more revenues. Those who have successful campaigns and get referrals can buy them in the market to amortize the investments done outside for getting StarBux referrals.

To sell referrals in the market, the seller has to make a package (of referrals) and publish it in the market:

  • Go to “My Packages” from your account home page
  • Click on “Create Package”
  • Check the referrals* you want to sell
  • Decide the price for the whole package
  • Click on “Create a new pack”
  • You’ll be redirected to “My Packages” page and see your package in the unpublished list
  • Click on ➕ button in the package row to publish it in the market.
  • Your package is now available in the market and can be bought by other members.



(*): only disabled referrals owned at least 7 days can be selected and sold.