Attract people with Rewarded Campaigns

Getting referrals is always a challenge for each member seeking to earn daily commissions.

In addition to the basic referral link, proposes to their members “rewarded campaigns“. It aims to encourage people to register by offering them a reward. Each member – whatever his membership – can launch a campaign with the reward and the number of beneficiaries he wants.

To make a new rewarded campaign, go to “Campaigns” from account home page, you’ll find in this page the referral links for the basic campaign (without giving a reward) and above of them the rewarded campaigns. Click on “Create Campaign” button to create a new one, then chose (i) the reward to give for each new member registered under this campaign and (ii) the maximum number of referrals to accept. You can also decide how many days your rewarded campaign shouldn’t exceed.

  • Once the rewarded campaign created, the needed funds (reward x max. referrals) will be removed from your balance to give them to your referrals.
  • If you chose to make a rewarded campaign with limited duration and didn’t reach the maximum referrals, the rest of the blocked funds will be restored to your purchase balance.